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April 07 2014

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Hugo Germain’s Whimsical Gifs Inspired By Physics And Engineering

Hugo Germain gif

Hugo Germain gif

Hugo Germain gif

Hugo Germain gif

Hugo Germain, a French student who studies math and physics in order to become an engineer, also creates images and animations inspired by these very fields of study. Germain typically comes with a concept and makes a quick doodle before he begins to create his gifs using After Effects or Cinema 4D. Germain explains,

“Each gif has its own story but mainly it’s a way for me to provide inspiration and make people question basic things we take for granted. I often wonder “What if this or that was different/existed ? What would that look like ?”. Being able to actually create an answer to that question is very exciting for me, and I guess that’s also what people like about it.”

Applying his engineering skillset to the art of animation, Germain’s gifs are a playful fusion of wonder and execution. (via really shit)


germaingif3 germaingif4  germaingif6 germaingif7 germaingif8  germaingif11 germaingif12

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We are all truly gentlemen
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April 02 2014

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